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ill-list experimental tracks: DJ Haram, Simo Cell, Laurie Spiegel, Giant Swan

genre bending, undefinable and a little WTF. bring an open ear to this ill-list of tracks and be transported to a realm beyond consciousness, no acid drops needed.

on the hunt for alternative sounds, I worked through a Spotify experimental playlist and got exactly what I was looking for.

top finds below.

55 Year Old Daughter - Giant Swan

best description: a giant screaming ball of raging noise that makes you wanna scratch your skin off and eat it...while dancing of course.

May I suggest giving the entire album a listen.

Automatic Ping - Keith Fullerton Whitman

best description: a tune that holds true to it's name and goes places that will either put a smile on your face or make your eyes burst from their sockets.

Ecstasy of St. Teresa - Object Blue

best description: is that the song or is there something wrong with my wifi? get to 3:19 and you'll realize everything is absolutely fine!

Forward Motion - Aril Brikha

best description: put this on if you've got some shit you need to think through; for when you've lost and won at the same time.

Missy Mischief - Tarquin

best description: Trappy, jazzy, funeral-ly.

Stop the Killing - Simo Cell

best description: I don’t recommend this for anxiety suffers, as it’s menacing pace can make your heart race, but I guess that’s the point. Watch out at 1:30 and 2:25.

No Idol - DJ Haram

best description: makes you wanna smoke hookah in a low rider and make it bounce at a red light at 1:57- 2:28 and drive off.

First Flight - Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

best description: are you from outer space? then this song is calling you home. and it sounds as though it's for something BIG.

Clockworks - Laurie Spiegel

best description: something dark in looming in a far galaxy...and it's on it's way.

Blemtrails - Yamaneko

best description: how many times will I listen to this before I decide whether I like it or not?

Future Goner - Neu Balance

best description: perhaps it’s just the stoner in me but for the last year I’ve been low key obsessed with lo-fi. this is the slow wake up, trying to piece together what happened last night and being grateful that you don't have to do shit today. And if you do, it can wait...but not for too long.

Rikers - Commodo

best description: for the smoke ssshhh, let this rock.

ill-list exist as a platform for discovering and sharing music. so if you've got a track or artists you think should be on the radar, feel free to comment or send me an email naya(at)ill-list(dot)com. until next time, stay tuned...

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